Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a term that is used to refer to skin that is easily irritated by allergies or irritants. There can be many symptoms of sensitive skin, including skin peeling, redness or irritation. Such symptoms or signs may occur following the use of skin care products or cosmetics. Other people may experience sensitive skin after a change in weather conditions or after eating certain foods. Stress can also cause symptoms related to sensitive skin. All of these factors combined can result in sensitive skin that is red, itchy, tight feeling and extremely uncomfortable.

Many sensitive skin consumers are not aware that the components included in numerous skin care products and cosmetics can actually make their sensitive skin even worse. Much of this is due to the fact that many products on the market contain ingredients that are far from natural. This is why it is particularly important that you select a skin care product like Oui Jesprit which will nourish your skin without causing skin irritations. Oui Jesprit provides essential vitamins and ceramides which encourages healing for your skin, and at the same time assists in maintaining healthier skin overall. It is also easily absorbed by the skin and lasts over 24 hours. Most importantly for the sensitive skin consumer, we stress that Oui Jesprit doesn’t cause skin irritations as many other products do. This is because Oui Jesprit is made with only the most natural ingredients that soothes sensitive skin.

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